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The Australian Production Car Series and Gary’s Motorsport Tyres have announced a three-year deal for Hankook to remain as the control tyre for the series.

Like in previous years, the Hankook Z221 will be used as the control tyre for the national endurance racing category. Category Manager Iain Sherrin says this provides vital stability to competitors who are planning not only for the upcoming season (which kicks off May 27-29 at Phillip Island), but for the years to come.

“We are really thrilled to be able to sign this three-year deal with Gary’s Motorsport Tyres to see Hankook continue as the control tyre for the APCS,” said Sherrin.

“It is very important to us as we look to grow the series that we can provide stability to our competitor base, which allows them to better plan their current and future programs.

“The deal also allows us to continue to work with proven supplier Gary Harrison and his team, both at the track during race weekends and between events, ensuring a familiar face and trusted assistance for our competitors.”

Gary Harrison of Gary’s Motorsport Tyres said he was happy to announce the new partnership, which in 2016 sees Hankook as the control tyre for the fourth consecutive year.

“The APCS has and we hope it will continue to be in the future a very successful series, and we are very happy to be involved with them,” said Harrison.  

“They run a very professional series and we look forward to looking after them for the near future following a good relationship to date – they are good to deal with and we enjoy helping the competitors at the track. The customers are a great bunch of people, and the number of cars involved keeps the Hankook brand out there and up the front.

“We already know the customers due to many years involved in motorsport and working with them on many other sorts of vehicles, so this makes the day to day dealings smooth and hassle free and our knowledge of the cars and tyres helps us put them on the right track for better results.

“The Hankook Z221 has proven time and time again that its reliability and performance is at the top of the game, as seen with various lap records set over the past years of running on the Hankook.

“The durability of the tyres for the sort of racing the APCS does is also extremely well-suited, as they are put under a lot of strain in these endurance type events and consistently prove they are up to the challenge.” 

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