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Eighteen months after establishing his start-up company Screen Fixed, 26 year old Brisbane entrepreneur Ben Turner will this month expand his business into the competitive Sydney market ahead of a planned international expansion.

An ‘ah-ha’ moment in 2012 while studying a Bachelor of Commerce saw the now-Ashgrove resident come up with the idea for on-demand phone repairs supplied at the time and location of the customer’s choosing, and already it is taking consumers by storm. 

In both the Brisbane and now Sydney markets (as of the 29th of February), Screen Fixed is the only specialised ‘on-demand’ screen repair business operating.

“We are a consumption-based society, and our customers can and want to have things now, they want that instant gratification. When it comes to phone repairs, not many people understand that now they can have their device repaired right in front of them, when and where they want, quickly, easily and affordably,” said Turner, Screen Fixed Founder and Head of Product and Marketing.

“While there is one other on-demand iPhone repair service in Brisbane currently, we set ourselves apart by offering a far superior product and service, while also putting a large emphasis on the customer experience and ensuring we use the highest quality parts.

“Brisbane is where Screen Fixed was born, but when it came time to decide where next to expand, Sydney was a natural choice. It has a dense population and is very busy and fast-paced. Convenience is key, and while there are some small on-demand operators in the market currently there are none that specialise in this area – they are a mix of retail and on-demand, rather than solely focused on delivering the best on-demand service possible.

“At Screen Fixed, we are all about the customer, and so far our growth has been largely driven by the word of mouth of our satisfied customers. I believe that on-demand is the way of the future and this is why we specialise in this area, which allows us to be the best.”

To access the service, customers can request an almost instantaneous quote through, and then arrange a time and location convenient to them with a Screen Fixed expert for their repair.

Like many of today’s great ideas, the concept for Screen Fixed came from a real life problem faced by Turner.

“I remember breaking my iPhone 4 in 2012, and finding the repair process frustratingly difficult. I took it to the Apple store before heading to my university lecture for that day, and as luck would have it, it was in that same marketing lecture that we touched on the new ‘on-demand and sharing economy’, and how it is set to flip business and industry on its head in the coming decade,” said Turner.

“It was somewhat of an ‘ah-ha’ moment – here we are living through a screen revolution, where almost everyone is connected to a screen of some kind, so to be disconnected for half a day is just frustrating and to some, it is absolutely unthinkable.

“Connection is king in this day and age, and given that I was in this situation myself, I found myself asking ‘wouldn’t it be better if someone could come to me’?

“On-demand service is certainly not a new concept, from roadside assistance to pizza delivery it has been around for years, but to date it hasn’t been explored in the area of phone repairs. I thought that surely a business could be built around this, but as I was living and studying in a small town of less than 130,000 people at the time, I waited until I moved to Brisbane before going ‘all in’ with my idea.  

“Eighteen months later we are well established in the Brisbane market with our experts in Toowoomba and Brisbane, and our customers are loving the service.”

With the expansion into the Sydney market now in progress, Turner already has his eye on growing even further across the next two years. 

“We are so excited to be expanding into Sydney this month, and are already looking ahead towards growth into other markets, with Perth and Canberra in our sights in particular,” said Turner.

“By the end of the year, we plan to have full-time and independent (certified by Screen Fixed) technicians in operation across the country providing device repair anytime, anywhere, and within around thirty minutes.

“Come 2017, we want to be looking to expand even further into the Asia Pacific market, and we are also looking at offering an express mail-in service for those consumers who are outside of our service areas. As a start-up, we are obsessive about growth, and so we are looking at any and all avenues to service our clients.”

Prices start at just $45.00 for small component repairs, average iPhone screen repairs cost $150.00 and take around 30 minutes, and screen repairs for Samsung devices average around $200 and 40 minutes repair time depending on the repair needs. Battery replacements are also offered from $85.00. Exact prices for your device repair are available almost instantly through, and if you accept the quote, a technician will be in touch to arrange a time and place convenient to you to conduct the repair.

All screen repairs come with a two year warranty, with free replacement of screens that have a product fault during this period.

Client feedback and testimonials is available at and also on the Facebook page of Screen Fixed For more on Screen Fixed,

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Brisbane entrepreneur Ben Turner will expand his start-up Screen Fixed interstate and soon, internationally, after a successful Brisbane launch

Customers can have their phone fixed when and where they want - at the beach, at the pub, in the office, or at home - Screen Fixed comes to you

Experienced technicians carry out a range of repairs,

Screen Fixed offers on-demand phone repairs at the time and place of the customer's choosing

Screen Fixed Founder and Head of Product and Marketing, Ben Turner