Development Sponsorship Opportunity

15 December 2015 – Development Sponsorship Opportunity

Penrite Oil are offering an exciting opportunity for developing racing drivers at the moment.

If you are looking to apply, make sure you get in there and outline what you have to offer, how you can help represent as an ambassador, and how you can contribute towards their business goals. No matter who they are, anyone who is looking to support you in your racing efforts is looking for the upside for them. If they are going to take money from their budget to put it behind you, they need to be able to see easily and clearly what the outcome for that spend is going to be for them, otherwise they can’t justify the spend to themselves or to their bosses, so make sure you keep this front and centre of any proposal that you put together.

Put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself – why would they sponsor you? What will they get out of the deal? How will you benefit their business? How will you help them achieve their business goals? Then put that down on paper, and if possible, show them – testimonials, photos of other activities you have done, example mock-ups of how things could go – anything that will help them really ‘see’ your benefit is worth pursuing (of course be sure to check their submission guidelines and make sure you are keeping within those guidelines at all times at the same time). Good luck!